Lifesmiths believe we build a great career, by finding more than an interest, we find the courage to discover our true self.  To identify our belief and believe in our identity.

Career Counselling

Career and education pathway planning
Creating your digital career profile
Resume and cover letter writing
Understanding selection criteria

Well Being Counselling

Spiritual / Emotional / Physical wellness
Guided mediation and mindfulness for self - healing
Life transition and understanding change strategies
Spiritual profiling

After seven years of casual jobs and study, Frans achieved her Masters in Psychology.  As one chapter closes another begins. Frans now needs to market her skills and training  that secures consulting work and reach her dream to start her own business.  We supported Frans by building her a web based portfolio.  Her 'web folio' is custom designed and not a 'one size fits all' portfolio or resume template.  We created Frans a career portfolio after a career counselling session and spent time over emails that saved her time and costed nothing to clarify information.  Frans can now showcase her specific skills, innovation and experience..  Her web folio is an innovative feature that gives her an edge at interviews, or when providing her details to prospective employers, private clients and links to all her social media.  Best of all, Frans can be given her own password to update her web folio or we can create changes for her, allowing Frans to focus on her career expertise.

Now 30, George had a rough road as a kid, he left school at age 16. He picked up hospitality and became a pretty good cook.  George started feeling restless, he felt at crossroads without a clue how to get ahead.  He had seen enough of kitchens but he still loved teaching about good food.  We listened to George's story, his passions and did some digging into who the real George is. We turned his crossroad into an intersection.  The red light was just taking a while to turn green. We learnt that George loved helping people, kids especially, he loved the dream of teaching.  A pathway developed and together we made an action plan to show how goals are done. The red light turned green and George now studies Early Childhood Education.  His career now includes creating nutritional menus for the kids.  George is happy and doesn't mind working in the kitchen because he's got a plan. He'll get his teaching degree and be in charge of the school canteen. He knows how to find us if he needs a pep talk along the way.


At age 48, Sue returned to study art therapy.  Sue has been in fashion working as a well established millener, delivering workshops and running a successful business.  Sue felt an emptiness and found that challenging herself with study helped.  Her new interest helped so much that Sue came to us to find out how to apply for a Masters in Art Therapy.  We supported Sue with her application and interview preparation and now Sue is creating her career with supporting people in fashion and creative life skills.  Sue plans to be part of the art therapy world to bring this beautiful therapy to people's quality of living.

Career Guidance.  Personal Counselling.  Spiritual Profiling.
Understand your Soul's journey.