Hi, I'm Natalie.  Lifesmiths is my dream.  My mission is to help you build your dream, find your purpose and harness inner joy for self and career happiness.


I am so grateful to have built my qualifications and experience in support of people and to watch them walk their path.  Our life's work is not just our job title, it involves all that we set out to learn and what we feel energised by.   I learn as much from my clients as I pass forward to them in career and transitional counselling, moving people through difficult stages of life with motivational interviewing and interpersonal therapy.  For many years I have been drawn to studying higher arts and now add spiritual belief regardless of culture to the counselling table as part of the map that guides our transitions in life.

I live in Bayside Victoria with my family and our dog Charlie.  Over my career of 30 years in welfare and well-being, my work involved supporting both clients and practitioners toward good health, career creation and happiness.  

Reaching career and life happiness requires the power of belief in our spiritual, emotional and physical self. We all can work with more than the known five senses, we can believe in our intuition, signs and thought moments. My Lifesmiths site and service provides you with tools and skills to build your career direction and life purpose. 


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Let Lifesmiths help you believe and build.